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Reclaiming My Health

Reclaiming My Health

A Brief Story on How I Took Responsibility For My Health

By Shawn Mack

Giving Away Power

Have you ever felt somewhat helpless regarding your health and wellness as if you have no control at all? Almost like there isn’t much you can do about your health? This type of mindset, for me, I realized, was a product of years of conditioning rooted in a victim mentality with health and wellness. A sense of helplessness, and a lack of self-awareness had me in a state of reactiveness instead of proactiveness.

This mindset, I realized, was one in which I was fully dependent on professionals and so-called experts to dictate what was good for me and what wasn’t. Without questioning much and blindly following, I gave away my power. The power to heal myself.

I once heard the phrase:

“if you don’t change nothing, ain’t nothing gonna change”.

This reminded me of a significant time in my life where I really had to scrutinize my lifestyle that I thought was pretty damn healthy. To not only re-think my perspective on health and wellness, but how I operated and engaged in the world.

An Undesirable State

In the beginning of 2018, I began to experience some pain in my groin area. I thought that I had a hernia at first because I was always lifting heavy weights and barely could touch my toes which reflected my utterly non-existent flexibility.

I went to my doctor’s office to get checked out, and they sent me to see a Urologist. They did bloodwork, X-Rays, examinations, and even a sonogram to make sure that all my organs were functioning properly and that there were no cancerous cells developing. Luckily, there were no tumors or signs of cancer. So that was a relief.

Eventually the doctor whittled it down to an inflamed prostate. I was like “whaaat? Prostate? Isn’t that old dude problems”? He told me that indeed I wa