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Health Coaching  Programs & Services

Your Best Life Program (6 months)

~Those who are ready to transform their lives

  • Two 50-minute one-on-one sessions each month for six months (12 total)

  • Weekly email support consisting of health and wellness information such as recipes, tips, and other ideas pertinent to your individual program.

  • Goal Setting, cultivate intentions, and action plan

  • Invitations to attend group events related to health and wellness

  • Unlimited Email Support *(text message support for additional cost)

Going Plant-Based Plan (3 months)

~Don't want to go fully Plant-Based? This is for you.

  • Two 50-minute one-on-one sessions each month (6 total)

  • Recipes and meal recommendations

  • Reference tools to help identify what is vegan/plant-based friendly and what is not

  • 1 extra service of choice (pantry purge, grocery store tour guide, in home plant-based cooking lesson)

  • Goal Setting, cultivate intentions, and action plan

Group Wellness Programs (please contact for more info)

~Sometimes it's easier to work in teams. Set similar goals and work support each other

  • Create goals together as a team and work towards attaining them as a team

  • Cultivate a healthier workforce, organization, or just like-minded group of folks

  • Group sessions and activities

  • Services depend on the size of group and level of engagement needed

  • Great value and cost effective


Pantry Purge (2 hours)

~Need help purging your pantry without judgement and shame?

  • Graciously work alongside you to clean-out your pantry and fridge and identify items that are healthiest for you.

  • Become more conscious of food labels and purchases.

  • Discuss what should go and what should stay, and the reasoning why

  • Coach on areas of improvement and reinforce positive behaviors

Grocery Store Tour Guide (1.5 hours)

~Become less intimidated by health food and grocery stores by learning how to navigate them.

  • Shop together and learn how to navigate the health food or grocery store

  • Identify healthier picks

  • Money savings tips on eating healthy on a budget

All programs are custom tailored to fit each individuals needs, and to bring the most value to one's life. No two programs will ever be exactly alike. 

For more information on any of these programs, please contact me directly.

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