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Zen Black Sheep

A Holistic Lifestyle Experience to Reclaim Your Health

This smoothie bowl consists of Spirulina
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Rock Maze
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"I aim at supporting individuals who feel helpless, left out, marginalized, unheard, separate from the norm, or lost in their wellness journey by helping them reclaim their health, and live life authentically and with vitality"

Shawn Mack
Zen Black Sheep

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Plant Based Integration

Need help going Plant-Based?

Rock Maze

A Holistic approach to wellness is to view your health as a whole. Often in western society, we compartmentalize ourselves to the point that we forget that our health is intimately interconnected. By making positive lifestyle changes to one's physical, mental, and spiritual selves, you will begin to see changes in your overall health and well being. This is what we refer to as " reclaiming our health"

With rising awareness on the amazing health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, along with increasing variety in food options, many people are making the transition to eat more plant-based. Naturally, many of us get stuck on how to do this properly to where they can see the benefits. I can teach you how to make that plant-based transition based on knowledge, education,  and personal experience with plant-based nutrition, along with coaching tools to make that behavioral change manageable and custom to you and your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all, and not everyone has the means to go plant-based, so I meet people where they are at.

Support Along Your Journey

Holistic Health Guide & Coaching

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Health and wellness for men can sometimes be compartmentalized into separate entities. Typically, the focus might be external only, with limited integration of internal wellness from a holistic approach. This type of health coaching integrates not only healthy eating, but emotional and mental wellness for an overall healthy lifestyle. By coaching in men's health, relationships, emotional intelligence, and best ways to process and communicate your feelings in a healthy way, we work together to become the best version of yourself and enrich ALL of your relationships in life.

*Note: this is not clinical therapy and therefore does not replace psychological work provided by a mental health practitioner. 

Health and wellness is more than your exterior

Cutting Lime

Meal Prep and Cooked Meals

Low on time or energy and need some plant based meals?

Most of us as adults live busy lives and find it difficult to cook healthy plant based meals. This is where I can help you by preparing meals specific to your tastes and needs. Or, if you just need help with preparing ahead of time, I can help you with your weekly meal prep.


*This service may vary depending on geographical location. Local to the Capital District preferred, but not limited to.  

Men's Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

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Group Wellness Programs/Workshops

A healthier culture is a more productive and happy culture

When we start to become aware of some of the ways in which we might think in absolutes, we begin to loose the rigidity that erodes motivation, and the desire to change. Plant based eating bides by this same concept. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even going part-time plant based will increase your overall health.

Wellness programs are beneficial to every type of group or work environment. From church groups, non-profits, government, private sector or small businesses. Promoting wellness in these environments ignite creativity and happier, more productive employees.


*Workshops and group coaching available. Please email for availability and qoutes.

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